Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

14 Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

The 300 is an epic movie that has wowed several viewers, not only with its storyline but how the action scenes were filmed. A quick recap of the movie 300: It retells the Battle of Thermopylae during the Persian Wars. The story revolves around King Leonidas, who led 300 Spartans to stand up to 100,000 soldiers … Read more

Best Movies Like Free Guy

13 Best Movies Like Free Guy

Watching a movie is like escaping to another world. Sometimes there are movie plots set in alternative realities like a videogame. Take the film, Free Guy, for example. If you enjoyed that film, there are 13 best movies like Free Guy you can watch. What’s Free Guy? Free Guy is a 2021 film starring Ryan … Read more

Best Movies Like National Treasure

12 Best Movies Like National Treasure

The 2004 action/adventure film National Treasure is perfect for anyone who loves following clues, with mercenary treasure hunters hot on their trails. Good thing there are plenty of other best movies like National Treasure, so you can have your fill of some more treasure hunt-themed entertainment. Starring Nicholas Cage and Dian Kruger, National Treasure follows the … Read more

11 Best Movies Like Bird Box

Horror movies come in different forms, such as a plot from a post-apocalyptic time or humans being as deranged as they come. Whichever form it takes, it is undoubtedly the thrill in each movie that attracts horror lovers each time. For instance, Bird Box was a great, taut horror that had viewers at the edge … Read more

12 Best Movies like Hunger Games

Looking for movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat? You’re lucky because we are here to give you some sci-fi movie recommendations that will bring your imagination to life. Come and join us as we give you the 12 best movies like Hunger Games. The Hunger Games (2012) The Hunger Games is … Read more

Best Movies like The Goonies

14 Best Movies like The Goonies

Movies like The Goonies will help you escape the reality of our complex and, most of the time, stressful world. It gives you the key to a door unlocking endless fantasies, mysteries, and adventures. After watching The Goonies, we get you if you feel a good, nostalgic vibe. Release the inner child in you and … Read more

Best Movies Like Jumanji You Can't Miss

11 Best Movies Like Jumanji You Can’t Miss

Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle is an Adventure/Comedy film directed by Jake Kasdan. The film is an adaptation of the famous movie: Jumanji. The story starts with four children getting their hands on an old video game console. They are transported to the virtual world inside the game by trying out the game, specifically the … Read more

11 Best Movies Like Dune That Worth Watching

Almost everyone has either an inquisitive or an imaginative mind or both. Sci-fi movies set in a post-apocalyptic or dystopian world are made for such people. Dune is one of such movies, and if you loved it, here are other similar movies that will boggle your mind. Open your hearts to get the best out … Read more

Best Movies Like Lord of The Rings

13 Best Movies Like Lord of The Rings

Basing the movies on well-known novels seems to always be a good idea. We have the Sherlock Holmes movie and series, Harry Potter, and of course, The Lord of the Rings. Everyone knows The Lord of the Rings by now, and some by heart. The trilogy started in the early 2000s and broke many records. … Read more

13 Best Movies Like Avatar You Can’t Miss

There is no limit to man’s imagination. It’s why people are able to create stories like James Cameron’s Avatar that go beyond our world. If you love narratives that allow you to enter a fictional universe, then you need to check out the 13 best movies like Avatar. Getting To Know The Movie: Avatar (2009) … Read more