18 Best Mountaineering Movies You Can't Miss

18 Best Mountaineering Movies You Can’t Miss

Climbing a mountain is no easy feat. Anyone who has done it will tell you. If you want to try it, you might need some inspiration to motivate you. If you don’t have anyone to help you, here are the 18 best mountaineering movies for reference. Yes, they might all share the same subject. However, … Read more

13 Best Action Romance Movies

13 Best Action Romance Movies

What makes your heart race more, fight scenes and crimes? Or being intimate with each other? Action or Romance? Couples often fight about what movie to watch because of their different tastes. For people who love both genres, choosing a movie to watch can be challenging as the two seem to contradict each other. There’s … Read more

13 Best Body Horror Movies to Add in Your Watchlist

13 Best Body Horror Movies to Add in Your Watchlist

The horror genre is a must-watch for thrill seekers. However, a subgenre called body horror is equally disturbing and stomach-churning. Body horror is gruesome and distressing, like most horror movies. However, it focuses more on the human body’s defilement and grotesque transformation. This article’s top 13 body horror movies tell disturbing and fascinating stories. We’ve … Read more

Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

14 Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

The 300 is an epic movie that has wowed several viewers, not only with its storyline but how the action scenes were filmed. A quick recap of the movie 300: It retells the Battle of Thermopylae during the Persian Wars. The story revolves around King Leonidas, who led 300 Spartans to stand up to 100,000 soldiers … Read more

Best Movies Like Parasite

13 Best Movies Like Parasite

People unfamiliar with the award-winning South Korean film Parasite will automatically think of it as the usual cartoon movie about insects. But that is the opposite; the one who made up the title is smart because they took its meaning to a deeper level. If you loved and enjoyed the movie, from its cinematography, plot, … Read more

Best Movies Like Free Guy

13 Best Movies Like Free Guy

Watching a movie is like escaping to another world. Sometimes there are movie plots set in alternative realities like a videogame. Take the film, Free Guy, for example. If you enjoyed that film, there are 13 best movies like Free Guy you can watch. What’s Free Guy? Free Guy is a 2021 film starring Ryan … Read more

Best Movies Like 500 Days Of Summer To Binge Watch

14 Best Movies Like 500 Days Of Summer To Binge Watch

The film 500 days of summer is a masterpiece that people who have seen it might struggle to figure out what to watch next. Well, if you are one of those individuals, scroll through as we tell you another set of gems. Here are the 14 best movies like 500 days of summer. Don’t let … Read more

13 Best Movies Like ‘Us’ that You Must Watch

As we are hooked on different horror and thriller movies, it gives that tingling feeling to our nape down to our soles. Movies drawn metaphorically from the alter ego and taking inspiration from reality give the most chills in everyone. Beginning with The Exorcist, Conjuring, The Chainsaw Massacre, and The Girl Next Door are some … Read more

Best Movies Like She's All That

12 Best Movies Like She’s All That

Teen romcoms are all the range in the early to late 2000s, and She’s All That is no exception. With these twelve best movies like She’s All That, you can quench your thirst for cheesy romcoms in no time. She’s All That (1999) If you are looking for some nostalgia for the early 2000s films, … Read more

Best Movies Like National Treasure

12 Best Movies Like National Treasure

The 2004 action/adventure film National Treasure is perfect for anyone who loves following clues, with mercenary treasure hunters hot on their trails. Good thing there are plenty of other best movies like National Treasure, so you can have your fill of some more treasure hunt-themed entertainment. Starring Nicholas Cage and Dian Kruger, National Treasure follows the … Read more