12 Best Movies like Wind River

We all can agree that murder mystery films always get the best out of us. For some reason, it sparks curiosity and interest in our little, playful minds. Who wouldn’t want to know the real story behind every shocking and terrifying crime? Wind River should have crossed your path if you enjoy the plot story … Read more

Best Movies Like Sicario You Can't Miss

12 Best Movies Like Sicario You Can’t Miss

Sicario is considered one of the best action/thrillers in recent memory. It is viewed by many as a harsh depiction of what the war between the Mexican drug cartel and FBI is really like. There’s plenty of violence and corruption to go around. Sicario also features a shocking and thrilling climax that people still talk … Read more

Best Movies Like Taken You Must Watch

12 Best Movies Like Taken You Must Watch

A movie packed with action, underground crimes, and familial connections, Taken is one of the iconic movies of the late 2000s. The film is an excellent fixture in the action genre, featuring intense fighting scenes and badass lines. Here are the twelve best movies like Taken to quench your thirst for gut-punching action. Taken (2008) … Read more

Best Movies Like Prisoners You Can't Miss

19 Best Movies Like Prisoners You Can’t Miss

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers like 2013’s ‘Prisoners,’ you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our list of the 19 best movies like Prisoners! Prisoners (2013) Prisoners is a 2013 American crime thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Aaron Guzikowski. The storyline follows Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), a … Read more

movies like knives out

13 Best Movies Like Knives Out to Check Out

Knives Out is one of the most recognized and highly rated movies of 2019. It could be hard to forget about this movie, and you might now be one of the many looking for a film just like it. Well, we could help you with that! Today, we will be showing you movies similar to … Read more