20 Best Asian Horror Movies of All Time

Whether watching with friends, loved ones, or by yourself, you cannot go wrong picking a horror movie. However, there are times when you might want to change it up and watch a foreign film. That’s why we ranked the 20 best Asian horror movies of all time for your enjoyment. 1. Parasite (2019) Korean 2h 12m IMDb … Read more


20 Best PG-13 Horror Movies

There’s a reason for implementing the parental guidance rule in films as they could contain sensitive things that need parents to be there as children watch. Here are the 20 best PG-13 horror movies you can enjoy if you or you have a company that is 13 years old and above. 1. A Quiet Place (2018) … Read more

13 Best Movies Like ‘Us’ that You Must Watch

As we are hooked on different horror and thriller movies, it gives that tingling feeling to our nape down to our soles. Movies drawn metaphorically from the alter ego and taking inspiration from reality give the most chills in everyone. Beginning with The Exorcist, Conjuring, The Chainsaw Massacre, and The Girl Next Door are some … Read more

11 Best Movies Like Bird Box

Horror movies come in different forms, such as a plot from a post-apocalyptic time or humans being as deranged as they come. Whichever form it takes, it is undoubtedly the thrill in each movie that attracts horror lovers each time. For instance, Bird Box was a great, taut horror that had viewers at the edge … Read more

Best Movies to See if You Liked Saw

13 Best Movies to See if You Liked Saw

Do you want to turn movie night into fright night? Well, we might have just the thing then. If it is the fright you are looking for, it is the fright you will get with our list of the 13 best movies like Saw. Now, if you are ready, let us be brave on this … Read more

Best 15 movies like Midsommar You Can’t Miss

Most people spend their free time binge-watching their favorite movies. The movies we watch can somehow affect our perspective in life; some can positively impact how we see things. Therefore, we often look for something similar to the kind of movie we have just watched, just like the famous Midsommar. This movie has three genres … Read more

Best Movies if You Like A Quiet Place

11 Best Movies if You Like A Quiet Place

Usually, classic horror movies have a lot of screaming and loud, startling noises. However, a new breed of scary movies uses silence and slow-burn techniques to elicit terror from the audience. One such film is “A Quiet Place .” If you have enjoyed this masterpiece, you’d probably want to watch the following 11 movies like … Read more

12 Best movies like Conjuring You Can’t Miss

If you enjoy horror, thriller, supernatural, and mystery films, you must like Conjuring. The rush of thrill when watching these types of movies is always fun. While it can be hard to find a movie that will scare and intrigue you simultaneously, recommendations are always welcome. The Conjuring (2013) The Conjuring is a film written … Read more

Best Movies Like Hereditary You Can't Miss

13 Best Movies Like Hereditary You Can’t Miss

The psychological thrill when watching horror movies has been in the genre since its conception. Hereditary is one of the movies that immensely rely on the viewer’s mind’s dread and horror. Here are the thirteen best movies like Hereditary. Hereditary (2018) The 2018 film Hereditary is the debut of the renowned horror director Ari Aster. … Read more