12 Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

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We’ve come up, and now we can’t wait to show you our list of the 12 best Kevin Hart movies (ranked)! With that, if it’s hilarity you’re after, there will likely be one or two films for you on this list. We hope your cheeks and tummies are ready because you are in for a whole load of laughter today.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the laughs and gags!

Kevin Hart: One of the Best Comedians of All Time

Kevin Darnell Hart, better known as Kevin Hart, is one of the most renowned comedians of all time. It is unlikely that any fan of the comedy genre has not seen at least one or two of the actor’s films.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian, but his beginnings were not all laughs and gags. It was a slow start with many boos and woes. However, as you might already know, it did not stop there! Over time, his talent got discovered and appreciated. Today, his name is one of the names that dominate the comedy genre, with dozens and dozens of films, shows, and awards to his name.

With that, let’s check out some of the best films of the star next.

Ranking the 12 Best Kevin Hart Movies

With how many films the star has, it can be overwhelming to flip through all of them and find the best ones. However, you do not have to worry. We did that for you, so you don’t have to! Here are our top 12 picks:

12. Ride Along (2014)

English, Ukrainian 1h 39m IMDb
Ride Along (2014) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Tim Story

Stars: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter

Ride Along follows James Payto en Barter as they go on a hunt for an arms dealer.

This film is an ideal watch for any fan of the comedy genre. Not only does it have two talented funny men, but also a story filled with comedic chaos and craziness. With all the gags, it will likely have you and your friends laughing and howling!

Undoubtedly one of the best films that star Hart, this film produced a sequel. With that, if you want more of this kind of hilarity, you can go and check out Ride Along 2.

11. Central Intelligence (2016)

English 1h 47m IMDb
Central Intelligence (2016) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Rawson Marshall Thurber

Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet

The comedic duo of Kevin Hart and The Rock is one of the best, and Central Intelligence is one of the first films to show that.

This film follows two high school friends as they try to save the world while trying to stay alive and sort out their personal problems along the way.

Central Intelligence can be a good watch for those looking for a little more than laughs and gags. Along with the comedy, this film also offers a dash of touchy-feely scenes now and then.

10. Top Five (2014)

English 1h 42m IMDb
Top Five (2014) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Chris Rock

Stars: Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union

The film is a comedy that follows Andre Allen as he spends a day with a reporter for an interview. As you could expect from a comedy, all sorts of hilarity come along their way as they try to get through the day.

Top Five is a film that features an ensemble cast of comedians like Adam Sandler, Leslie Jones, and, of course, Kevin Hart! With that, it can be an ideal watch for those looking for a whole load of laughs and gags.

9. Think Like a Man (2012)

English 2h 2m IMDb
Think Like a Man (2012) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Tim Story

Stars: Chris Brown; Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart

Think Like a Man is a romantic comedy that takes after the self-help book of Steve Harvey – Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. The film revolves around the stories of four couples as they try to one-up their respective partners.

This film can be an ideal watch for date night with the boo or the girlies if you want something that has the humor and hilarity. As you can expect, it is a film that will likely pull some giggles now and then.

8. Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (2019)

English 1h IMDb
Kevin Hart Irresponsible (2019) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Leslie Small

Kevin Hart

If you are a fan of Kevin Hart, you probably already know that the comedian has many stand-up films. Irresponsible is one of his most recent ones. Despite that, it did not make it higher on our list as there is a divide among the fans as to how good it is. However, do not let that stop you from seeing this film! If you are a fan of Hart, this film is one you will likely want to see.

7. The Wedding Ringer (2015)

English, Spanish, Ukrainian 1h 41m IMDb
The Wedding Ringer (2015) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Jeremy Garelick

Stars: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco

The Wedding Ringer stars Kevin Hart as Jimmy Callahan, a businessman providing best man services for grooms needing a best man.

The film centers on Callahan and Doug Harris as they do business for the upcoming wedding of the latter. Queue the chaos and mayhem that start happening as they try to make the bride and her family believe in the authenticity of their friendship.

The Wedding Ringer is a film you want to consider if you want to add a buddy film to your watchlist. Not only do you get some hilarity, but a good friendship story too!

6. Fatherhood (2021)

English 1h 49m IMDb
Fatherhood (2021) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Paul Weitz

Stars: Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Lil Rel Howery

The film takes after a memoir by Matthew Logelin and follows a single father as he tries to raise his daughter with the trouble of working full-time, the pain of losing his wife, and the hurt from the disbelief of the people around him.

Fatherhood is one of the very few dramas of the comedian. If you want to see the actor in a different light, this film is undoubtedly one you want to consider. However, you do not have to worry. While it is a drama, there are still traces of humor throughout the film!

5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

English 1h 59m IMDb
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle (2017) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Jake Kasdan

Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart

This film is an adventure comedy and is the third installment in the Jumanji franchise. It follows four high school students as they find themselves sucked inside the game, which is now a video game. Inside, they find a fifth player that has been stuck in the game for around two decades. Together, the five work to get out of the game.

This film is not only ideal for fans of Kevin Hart or the genre, but it is also a film Jumanji fans will likely enjoy! For more giggles, you can check out the 2019 film.

4. The Upside (2017)

English, German, Italian 2h 6m IMDb
The Upside (2017) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Neil Burger

Stars: Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman

The Upside follows an ex-con and a quadriplegic billionaire. It tells of the unlikely friendship the two make and how they turn each other’s life for the better.

This film is a comedy-drama. With that, it is a film you might want to consider adding to the watch list if you want something that can make you tear up from laughing and crying. It has a good helping of both comedy and drama! Kevin Hart might best be known for his comedies, but many will likely agree he is a killer at dramas, and this film can prove just that!

3. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011)

English 1h 29m IMDb
Kevin Hart Laugh at My Pain (2011) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Leslie Small, Tim Story

Stars: Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Will ‘Spank’ Horton

As you might have already guessed from the title, this film is about Kevin Hart. It is a stand-up comedy documentary and can be cut into three parts. There are some flashbacks, a skit, and the crowd favorite, a lot of stand-up comedy. This one is a film you will likely want to see if you are all in it for the comedian’s stand-up comedy. This film will most likely not disappoint if it is the raw humor of the star you want!

2. Kevin Hart: I’m a Grown Little Man (2009)

English 1h 13m IMDb
Kevin Hart I'm a Grown Little Man (2009) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Shannon Hartman

Kevin Hart

This film is the oldest one on the list. However, do not count it out for that. It might be an oldie, but it is undoubtedly a goodie that Kevin Hart fans will most likely enjoy.

I’m a Grown Little Man is one of the first stand-up comedy documentaries by the comedian. While Hart has many films of this kind, this one is the one you want to consider letting a non-fan watch. If you want to turn a friend or family member into a fan, this one will likely do the trick!

1. Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny (2010)

English 1h 12m IMDb
Kevin Hart Seriously Funny (2010) Best Kevin Hart Movies (Ranked)

Shannon Hartman

Stars: Kim Delgado, Kevin Hart, LeBron James

Seriously Funny is a stand-up comedy film that pokes fun at relatable things. Many stand-up acts could be hard to enjoy as many of the materials is not for everyone. Well, those thinking of seeing this film do not have to worry about that!

As the title suggests, this film is seriously funny! If you want lots and lots of laughs and gags, Seriously Funny is a movie you seriously want to consider.


That concludes our list of the 12 best Kevin Hart movies (ranked)!

Whatever kind of laughs and gags you were looking for, we hope we got to help you find the film for you today. If you want more movies like these, or something totally different, you might want to check out our other lists. We have recommendations for whichever way you want to swing! That would be all from us for now. Happy watching!

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