Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

14 Best Historical Action Movies Like 300

The 300 is an epic movie that has wowed several viewers, not only with its storyline but how the action scenes were filmed. A quick recap of the movie 300: It retells the Battle of Thermopylae during the Persian Wars. The story revolves around King Leonidas, who led 300 Spartans to stand up to 100,000 soldiers … Read more

Best Movies Like Parasite

13 Best Movies Like Parasite

People unfamiliar with the award-winning South Korean film Parasite will automatically think of it as the usual cartoon movie about insects. But that is the opposite; the one who made up the title is smart because they took its meaning to a deeper level. If you loved and enjoyed the movie, from its cinematography, plot, … Read more

Best Prison Movies You Can't Miss

20 Best Prison Movies You Can’t Miss

Prison movies are one of the best genres of action movies. Asides keeping you at the edge of your seat, the thrill, the goosebumps, and the twists will keep you coming back for more. If you are a sucker for prison movies and want to indulge yourself in a couple of them,  here are the … Read more

Best Fighting Movies You Can't Miss

20 Best Fighting Movies You Can’t Miss

Fighting, as gory as it is, is something humans love. It can almost be proven that it is part of human nature to feel pumped when they witness a fighting scene. Filmmakers understand this, which accounts for the number of fighting movies already made. If you love the adrenaline that passes through your veins when … Read more

12 Best Movies like Wind River

We all can agree that murder mystery films always get the best out of us. For some reason, it sparks curiosity and interest in our little, playful minds. Who wouldn’t want to know the real story behind every shocking and terrifying crime? Wind River should have crossed your path if you enjoy the plot story … Read more

11 Best Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Stunning visuals, exceptional acting, and a captivating storyline make a film memorable. A great example is a movie Call Me By Your Name. Aside from these traits, this film explores sexuality and coming of age challenges. Check out the 11 Movies Like Call Me By Your Name to enrich your life with these films. All … Read more

Best Movies Like 2012

12 Best Movies Like 2012

Did you like 2012? Let us show you some more heart-pounding, action-filled, and adrenaline-pumping disaster films like it then! Today, we will show you our list of the 12 best movies like 2012, and we hope you and your popcorn are ready for it. Without further ado, let us get on with this list! 2012 … Read more

12 Best Movies Like Dazed and Confused

Are you feeling down, looking for some laughs and gags, or maybe you are simply missing Dazed and Confused? Well, whatever it is, our list of the 12 best movies like Dazed and Confused might be of help! Well, without further ado, let us get right into finding your next favorite comedy! Dazed and Confused … Read more

Best Movies Like Little Women You Can't Miss

11 Best Movies Like Little Women You Can’t Miss

Touching movies that have gained popularity are sometimes based on sisterhood and women-positivity. These films often have a women-centered plot and appeal to the audience through the character. An example is Little Women – an adaptation of the book of the same name. It has gained a lot of audience reactions as it has managed … Read more

Best Movies if You Like Arrival

13 Best Movies if You Like Arrival

Many moviegoers fancy sci-fi’s bleak and cosmic mystery, especially when tackling the subject of other alien life forms and their contact with Earth. One of these movies is the 2016 film by Denis Villeneuve, which examines the nature of language and communication. As evident with these 13 best movies like Arrival, there are many more … Read more