11 Best Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Stunning visuals, exceptional acting, and a captivating storyline make a film memorable. A great example is a movie Call Me By Your Name. Aside from these traits, this film explores sexuality and coming of age challenges. Check out the 11 Movies Like Call Me By Your Name to enrich your life with these films.

All About Call Me By Your Name

All About Call Me By Your Name


Director Luca Guadignino
Screenplay James Ivory
Release Date January 2018
Adapted from Andre Aciman’s novel of the same title
Genre Drama, Romance
Age Rating R
Length 2 hours 12 minutes

Main Cast

  • Armie Hammer as Oliver
  • Timothee Chalamet as Elio Perlman
  • Micheal Stuhlbarg as Mr. Perlmanas Annella Perlman
  • Amira Casar as Anella Perlman
  • Esther as Marzia Garrell


This sensual tale explores the complexities of first love and self-discovery. Beautiful Northern Italy served as a witness to director Luca Guadagnino’s storytelling prowess.

The story is set in 1983, when Elio, brilliantly played by Timothee Chalamet, spends his summer in their family’s chalet. He spends his time playing the piano, exploring the countryside, and flirting with Marzia.

Growing up, his parents exposed him to high culture and intellectual discourse. When Oliver (Armie Hammer), his father’s research intern, arrives in the villa, desires begin to unravel. The gorgeous and sunkissed landscape matched the life-altering events that followed.


This movie deserved the several Academy Award nominations and other accolades it received. It depicted queer love beautifully – a challenging feat even in modern times. It goes beyond being a “gay movie” as it explores the human mind’s and spirit’s complexities.

The emotional impact transcends sexuality or gender. The director creates the erotic scenes tastefully while the sensitive theme is compassionately conveyed. The audience can feel the wit and humor that made it more relatable.

The scenes between Elio and his dad are so powerful that it leaves an indelible mark in viewers’ hearts. Armie Hammer was a revelation in a role that revealed his versatility. The gorgeous scenery and artistic shots made this film worthy of praise. It goes down in film history as one of 2017’s best films.

Find More Movies Like Call Me by Your Name

If you enjoyed Call Me By Your Name, you might also delight in the following films. These movies revolve around same-sex relationships, captivating sceneries, or artistic productions.


1. Maurice (1987)

English 2h 20m IMDb movies like Call Me By Your Name Maurice (1987)

Director: James Ivory

Stars: James Wilby, Rupert Graves, Hugh Grant

This newly restored masterpiece is about two male English school friends who fall in love. It’s set in the Edwardian period when same-sex love was taboo. Clive, played by Hugh Grant, gives up his forbidden love to Maurice (James Wilby) to secure his place in upper society.

Meanwhile, Maurice struggles to come to terms with his identity and sexuality amidst the stifling demands and disapprovals. Their forbidden love is punishable by imprisonment. They witnessed a friend’s downfall due to a similar predicament. This occurrence forced Clive to marry a woman he did not love.

The movie is an adaptation of E. M Forster’s novel, whose narrative seems ahead of its time. Like the movie Call Me By Your Name, the romance and drama in this movie are made more poignant with the beautiful European setting. The details, such as the costumes and the set, transport the audience to pre World War I period.

2. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

French (France) 3h IMDb
movie like Call Me By Your Name Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Director: bdellatif Kechiche

Stars:Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche

This French film tells the story of Adele, a high school student who starts to explore her sexuality. She finds no satisfaction in dating men. She gets rejected when she decides to show a desire for a female friend.

Then comes Emma, a free-spirited woman who has blue streaks on her hair. However, their friendship becomes a social pariah as Adeles’ friends shun Emma’s sexual orientation. The two women’s friendship blossomed into something more profound.

Adele felt she could be herself around Emma. They tried navigating the emotional spectrum and social acceptance of their sexuality.

This movie is filled with raw and painful emotions made realistic by superb acting. Critics and film festival judges hail this masterpiece for its exceptional portrayal of sexual exploration. However, the two main characters’ acting was phenomenal and relatable in many aspects.

3. God’s Own Country (2017)

English (United Kingdom) 1h 44m IMDb
Call Me By Your Name like movies God’s Own Country (2017)

Director: Francis Lee

Stars: Josh O’Connor, Alec Secareanu, Gemma Jones

Young sheep farmer Johhny Saxby is hesitant to take over his family’s farm. He numbers his frustrations with casual gay sex and binge drinking in local bars. Until one day, George, a migrant worker from Romania, arrived to help him during lambing season.

The Romanian’s presence unnerves Johnny. He’s so used to angry relationships and a devil-may-care lifestyle that George’s sensitive nature is new to him. As days passed, they started a passionate relationship that gave Johnny a new lease on life.

God’s Own Country was released in 2017, a year where queer love was unabashedly celebrated. This film highlighted gorgeous sceneries like the Italian backdrop of Call Me By Your Name.

The Yorkshire countryside was a perfect backdrop to a powerful love story and captivating narrative. The main cast provided unforgettable performances making the film deserving of accolades.

4. Moonlight (2013)

English 1h 51m IMDb
Call Me By Your Name like movie Moonlight (2013)

Director: Barry Jenkins

Stars: Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Trevante Rhodes

This movie brought home the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2016. It tells the story of a young black man’s journey from childhood to adulthood as he struggles with his sexuality. Growing up in Miami’s tough streets makes his life more challenging.

The film paints a picture of African-American life and the complexities of identity, relationships, and self-discovery. Moreover, it shows how the people around us can shape our lives and make or break us.

More than being a “gay movie,” Moonlight explores the power of love and how it can change one’s life. It’s a fantastic revelation of how difficult it is to live up to others’ expectations while finding your true self.

The journey of healing and escaping a troubled past is relatable to many people, gay or straight. The perfect combination of exceptional acting, an intelligent storyline, and a hypnotic soundtrack gave this film its Oscar trophies.

5. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

English 2h 14m IMDb
movies similar to Call Me By Your Name Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director: Ang Lee

Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams

One summer in 1963, two cowboys, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar, started working on a sheep farm in Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming. Unexpectedly, their daily grind on the farm blossomed into an intimate relationship.

However, societal expectations and the masculine cowboy culture forced them to keep their love a secret. Both men decided to get married and forget what they wanted. However, despite the complications and heartbreak, the power of love endured.

This film won three Academy Awards, including Best Writing and Best Directing. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger gave breakthrough performances. The emotionally charged scenes and gorgeous Wyoming scenery made this film an epic masterpiece.

Most of the scenes look so natural that it seems like you’re peeking into someone else’s life. Critics claim that this movie is meant to become one of the greatest classics of this generation.

6. Carol (2015)

English 1h 58m IMDb
movie similar to Call Me By Your Name Carol (2015)

Director: Todd Haynes

Stars: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson

This movie tells the story of two women from different worlds who fell in love. The glamour of 1950s New York served as a backdrop for this unexpected yet beautiful relationship. Despite the conventional norms and societal expectations, the two could not reel in their attraction for one another.

Rooney Mara plays 20-year-old Therese, a department store clerk. Meanwhile, in the titular role, Cate Blanchett is a glamorous wife and mother who’s barely surviving her marriage. The first time they met caused an instant spark that led to a deeper connection. Conflicts arise when Carol’s husband discovers their affair.

This novel adaptation is an honest and heart-wrenching tale of resilience in facing adversity. Like Call Me By Your Name, it shows that love knows no age and gender preference. It celebrates self-discovery and being true to oneself. The two leads’ acting prowess makes it a powerful and unique love story.

7. Beach Rats (2017)

English 1h 38m IMDb
Call Me By Your Name similar movies Beach Rats (2017)

Director: Eliza Hittman

Stars: Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein, Kate Hodge

This movie narrates the story of Frankie, a young man struggling with his dismal home life. Amidst this situation, he must navigate new relationships and his sexuality. His road to self-discovery led him to hang out with some aimless teens.

They spend their days wandering Coney Island, looking for ways to score drugs. Meanwhile, Frankie tries to balance his relationship with a woman and secret meet-ups with gay men he met online.

This movie treads on a similar theme as Call Me By Your Name as it explores the confusion and heartbreak connected to one’s sexuality. The film won the best director at Sundance for the US Dramatic Features.

Meanwhile, its exceptional acting and storyline make it deserving of its warm film festival reception. You can feel Frankie’s pain and emotional darkness through Harris Dickinson’s excellent portrayal.

8. Holding the Man (2015)

English (Australia) 2h 7m IMDb
Call Me By Your Name similar movie Holding the Man (2015)

Director: Neil Armfield

Stars: Ryan Corr, Sarah Snook, Francesco Ferdinandi

This epic love story explores the relationship of rugby team captain John and aspiring actor Tim. What started in high school went on for 15 beautiful years. Life wasn’t all a bed of roses, though.

The couple faced discrimination and heartbreak when same-sex relationships were mainly discouraged. However, despite the challenges, the two managed to create an extraordinary life full of love until one problem tried to destroy everything they had.

This movie is set against the breathtaking Australian landscape in the 1980s. Its message resonates like Call Me By Your Name. It may have started as an innocent high school romance but developed into an honest take on forbidden love.

The award-winning director creatively spun a series of simplistic events to create an epic tale of love. It speaks to the audience’s heart, regardless of age or gender. It’s equally heart-wrenching and enlightening.

9. And Then We Danced ( 2019)

Georgian 1h 53m IMDb
best movies like Call Me By Your Name And Then We Danced ( 2019)

Director: Levan Akin

Stars: Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili, Ana Javakishvili

The conservative Georgian Society is the backdrop for this powerful story of liberation

and love. It reveals the story of a devoted dancer named Merab. His partner Mary and he had spent many years training to fulfill their dreams of joining the National Georgian Ensemble. However, when Irakli, another male dancer, entered the picture, his world turned upside down.

His newfound friend’s rebellious streak and charm sparked a romantic desire he never knew he had. Following his heart may jeopardize his future and his relationships with his family and  Mary.

Like Call Me By Your Name, this epic tale utilizes the beauty of the European landscape. It’s a treat for the eyes and the spirit. The captivating cinematography gave justice to the heartwarming story of triumph and loss. It’s a relatable story of self-discovery and reaching for one’s dreams no matter what it takes.

10. Love, Simon (2018)

English 1h 50m IMDb
best movie like Call Me By Your Name Love, Simon (2018)

Director: Greg Berlanti

Stars: Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel

This coming-of-age film tells the story of Simon Spier. No one knows he’s gay, so he’s struggling to find the love he deserves. Until one day, he connects with an anonymous boy he met online who’s in the same boat as him.

Simon fell in love with the mysterious guy. He feels safe and heard when he’s talking with him. The search for the boy’s true identity led to his self-discovery. It’s a heartfelt and funny tale of finding love amidst the challenges of high school.

Similar to Call Me By Your Name, this movie is based on an acclaimed novel. It touches on finding oneself amidst expectations from society.

The film navigates the carefree teenage life and how one person can change how you perceive the world. The story may be funny and light at times. However, it successfully presents crucial moments as one grapples with their sexuality.

11. Handsome Devil (2016)

English 1h 35m IMDb
new movies like Call Me By Your Name Handsome Devil (2016)

Director: John Butler

Stars: Fionn O’Shea, Ardal O’Hanlon, Amy Huberman

This movie is about two roommates who had to share a room in an all-boys boarding strong. One is a famous rugby player, while the other is a social outcast who isn’t fond of the sport. What started as an awkward situation turned out to be a great story of friendship.

With the help of their English teacher, they began to find their voices. It was a challenging feat in a world of rugby-obsessed peers with huge expectations. It became more complicated when one of them turned out to be gay.

Though no same-sex romance is involved, this movie presents gay friendship beautifully. Gay men do not necessarily pine for every male they connect with. Sometimes, the media presents it that way. However, this movie celebrates being true to yourself despite being the odd one.



The 11 Best Movies Like Call Me By Your Name reveals the beauty and heartbreak of queer love. They show how support from family and friends can help a person overcome the challenges of finding themselves. It is tough to break free from expectations, but love can always move mountains.

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

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