14 Best Movies Like 365 Days Worth Watching

You’ve just finished watching a great movie, and now you’re on the lookout for similar films. Luckily, this article has the best 14 movies like 365 – your favorite movie! The movies we picked are steamy, sensual, and bold. From romance and mystery to thriller movies like 365 Days, you’ll have something to watch to set the tone for a sexy night!

365 Days (2020)

365 Days is a Polish erotic, romantic drama based on the trilogy novel by Blanka Lipińska. This film is directed by Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Bialowas.

This movie tells the story of Massimo and Laura, as they embark on a series of erotic and sensual events. Massimo is part of a Mafia family, while Laura is a sales professional. The story begins as Massimo abducts Laura and spends a year or 365 days with Laura for her to fall for him.

Here are the best 14 movies like 365 Days you should add to your “to watch” list:

1. Amar (2017)

Spanish 1h 45m IMDb

Amar (2017)

Director: Esteban Crespo
Starring: María Pedraza; Pol Monen; Natalia Tena

Amar is a 2017 Spanish drama film directed by Esteban Crespo.  The lead stars in this film are Maria Pedraza, Natalia Tena, and Pol Monen.

The story follows a young teenage boy and girl, Laura and Carlos’, with fragility and vulnerability in love. Carlos and Laura go on each day with each other as if nothing can stop them. At the start of the movie, it shows how the couple plays with their sexual desires.

Then, they navigate life’s struggles as a young couple. The intense love they have can break them in the future as they face adulthood. The movie’s setting is in Madrid and Barcelona, bringing steamy scenes and erotic elements.092

2. Pleasure or Pain (2013)

English 1h 39m IMDb

Pleasure or Pain Best Movies Like 365 Days

Director: Zalman King
Starring: Malena MorganChristos, VasilopoulosKayla Jane

Pleasure or Pain is a 2013 American erotic thriller movie starring Malena Morgan and Christos Vasilopoulos. Zalman King directed the film.

The movie tells the story of two people who fall in love despite their differences. The film narrates the life of Victoria, a beautiful young designer who finds herself in an affair with a prosperous real estate developer, Jack.

Victoria leaves her simple life and shares a steamy world with Jack, where she falls under the wealthy man’s handsome, erotic spell. Victoria’s life changes forever as she dives into an erotic series with Jack, and she may never go back to her mundane life.

This movie’s setting is in Malibu, Westlake, and Santa Monica in California. It started showing in cinemas in the US on September 5, 2013.

3. Wild Orchid (1989)

English 1h 45m IMDb

Wild Orchid (1989)

Director: Zalman King
Starring: Mark Damon, Tony Anthony

Here’s another American erotic film by the fantastic director of Pleasure or Pain: Zalman King. Wild Orchid is a 1989 erotic thriller film starring Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Bisset, Carre Otis, and Assumpta Serna. This movie started showing in the US on April 27, 1990.

The movie tells the story of a lawyer, Emily Reed, in New York. She had an interview at a law firm and was invited to a position if she traveled to Rio de Janeiro the next day. Then, in Rio de Janeiro, a kinky millionaire, James, captivates Emily. They embark on a series of erotic and steamy scenes.

It’s a nice movie to watch if you enjoyed 365 Days because it has the same storyline and plot elements. The film is plain and simple, yet it tells a sexually explicit story of professional and a self-made millionaire.

Wild Orchid’s setting is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Salvador, Bahia.

4. Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (2013)

English 1h 57m IMDb

Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (2013)

Director: Lars von Trier
Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin

Nymphomaniac is a 2013 Danish erotic drama film written and directed by Lars von Trier.

The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, and Stellan Skarsgård.

This movie is a two-part sex epic with a similar plot and genre to 365 Days.

It follows the story of a feisty woman, Joe. When her young self loses her virginity, she starts her erotic, sexual adventure. She began an extreme desire to have sex as often as she could. Joe is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac.

Then, she got beaten in an alley by an older bachelor, Seligman. As she rests at his home, the two form a bond that leads to revelations from both sides. The film has an eclectic cast who are incredible actors that keep the story sweaty and steamy.

5. American Kamasutra (2018)

English 1h 28m IMDb

American Kamasutra (2018)

Director: Jacky St. James
Starring: Ashlynn Yennie, Justin Berti, Raylin Joy

American Kamasutra is a fierce, erotic romantic drama by Jacky St. James. Paul Fishbein and the director Jacky wrote the screenplay for this movie. This film started showing on December 13, 2018, with a 1 hour and 28 minutes runtime.

This film stars Ashlynn Yennie (Ashley), Justin Berti (Elliott), Raylin Joy (Dylan), Kevin Nelson (Raif), and Victoria Levine (Jules).

The simple storyline of American Kamasutra tells how a young woman falls in love with a local author of a fiction novel. There are female residents of a small town who have dangerous relationships with the writer.

American Kamasutra is one of the top movies like 365 Days that tells the story of a woman who finds herself in a risky love triangle.

6. The Boy Next Door (2015)

English 1h 31m IMDb

The Boy Next Door (2015)

Director: Rob Cohen
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, Kristin Chenoweth

If you enjoyed the drama-thriller “365 Days,” then The Boy Next Door is another film that you might enjoy. Directed by the outstanding director Rob Cohen, this 2015 erotic thriller film will leave you at the edge of your seats.

In this movie, Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) finds herself attracted to her new neighbor Noah Sandborn (Ryan Guzman). Noah is a 19-year-old orphan living next door. He becomes friends with Kevin, who is Claire’s son.

Later in the movie, Noah finds himself attracted to Claire, with steamy and seductive scenes throughout the film. The two begin an affair, and Claire has feelings for him that she had not felt in years.

However, things turn for the worse when she discovers his true intentions. He gets hugely violent and wants to kill her husband and take over his life.

7. Obsession (2019)

English 1h 37m IMDb

Obsession (2019)

Director: Peter Sullivan
Starring: Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert

Obsession is a 2019 American drama thriller film directed by Goran Dukic with a screenplay written by Michael Andrews. It is alternately titled “American Dream.” The drama thriller movie stars Mekhi Phifer, Elika Portnoy, and Brad Dourif.

The film follows Sonny (Mekhi Phifer), looking for work, and visiting every town. He was a lost drifter trying his luck to land a job. He is then hired as a mechanic by his elderly boss, a wealthy entrepreneur.

Then, Sonny finds himself having a passionate affair with his employer’s young, seductive wife. The couple devises a murder plan. But, how will the scheme end? Will it go downhill from there, or will their affair last forever?

8. Newness (2017)

English 1h 57m IMDb

Newness (2017)

Director: Drake Doremus
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, Danny Huston

Newness is a 2017 romantic drama directed by Drake Doremus and written by Ben York Jones. This American film starred Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa. Cinemas started showing Newness on January 25, 2017.

This film is about two sexy, young millennials in Los Angeles who spend most of their time swiping left and right on dating apps. They live in a social media-driven hookup world.

These two young lovebirds are Martin and Gabi, a pharmacist and physiotherapist. After months of trying and swiping on the app, they found each other.

After a while, Martin and Gabi form a relationship with a pretense of “no strings attached.” But soon, they find themselves in a relationship that pushes both of their limits together, physically and emotionally.

This film is all about fresh, modern love. If you’re into sexy and young romantic drama films, then Newness (2017) is an excellent movie for you to watch.

9. After (2019)

English 1h 45m IMDb

After (2019)

Director: Jenny Gage
Starring: Josephine Lang Ford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Khadijha Red Thunder

After (2019) is an American romantic drama movie based on one of the best-selling novels, “After,” written by Anna Todd. Jenny Gage directs this film, and the screenplay is by Tamara Chestna, Susan McMartin, and the director Jenny Gage.

This film stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin (Hardin Scott), Josephine Langford (Tessa Young), and Dylan Arnold (Noah). After (2019) is about the endeavors encountered by students during their college life. This romantic film tells the story of a young girl named Tessa. Tessa is a dutiful, responsible student who’s inexperienced, entering her first year in college.

She is loyal to her high school boyfriend, Noah, but later on forms an affair with a mysterious college rebel, Hardin Scott. She becomes romantically attracted to Hardin. Then, it was not long until Noah found out about the fling.

10. Below Her Mouth (2017)

English 1h 34m IMDb

Below Her Mouth (2017)

Director: April Mullen
Starring: Erika Linder, Natalie Krill, Sebastian Pigott

Below Her Mouth is one of the movies like 365 Days, with a similarly passionate and erotic plot. It is a romantic drama film released on April 28, 2017. April Mullen directed, and Stephanie Fabrizi wrote the screenplay. Below Her Mouth stars Erika Linder (Dallas) and Natalie Krill (Jasmine).

The story is about two women, Dallas and Jasmine, who were involved in a steamy affair. Jasmine is a fashion editor who lives with her fiance. During a night out, she got a chance to meet Dallas, a roofer. While Jasmine is engaged, Dallas just got out of a relationship.

Dallas pursued Jasmine, but she was rejected. But as the movie goes on, Jasmine succumbs, and they have a steamy, sensual fling. Below Her Mouth is a tale of two women in an affair, where they try hard to re-assess their lives. Plus, this movie has an all-female crew!

11. Original Sin (2001)

French English 1h 56m IMDb

Original Sin (2001)

Director: Michael Cristofer
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Angelina JolieThomas Jane

Original Sin is a 2001 American erotic thriller movie by Michael Christofer. This movie stars Angelina Jolie (Julia), Thomas Jane, Antonio Banderas (Luis), and Jack Thompson. Michael Cristopher also wrote Original Sin’s screenplay.

Original Sin tells the story of the book “Waltz into Darkness,” written by the famous Cornel Woolrich. The movie is about the story of a businessman and Cuban coffee merchant, Luis, who becomes obsessed with Julia.

Then, he later finds that his mail-order bride is an impostor. She conned him and left with his money. But as the story goes on, Luis starts a mission of revenge. This erotic thriller film, like 365 Days, will leave you guessing what will happen next.

12. Betty Blue (1986)

French 3h 5m IMDb

Betty Blue (1986)

Director: Jean-Jacques Beineix
Starring: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Béatrice Dalle, Gérard Darmon

Betty Blue is a French erotic psychological film by Jean-Jacques Beineix. This movie follows the story of Philippe Dijan’s novel 7°2 le matin. Betty Blue stars Beatrice Dalle (Betty), Jeam-Hugues Anglade (Zorg), and Consuelo De Haviland (Lisa).

This erotic movie tells the story of Zorg, an aspiring novelist, currently a handyman. He embarks on a romantic relationship with Betty, a younger, unpredictable, and fierce woman. He then figures out that she is getting quite handy as if she were insane.

As reviews say, Betty Blue proves one thing: love is blind. The story focuses on the struggles of being in a relationship with a sexually free and wild spirit.

13. Killing Me Softly (2002)

English 1h 40m IMDb

Killing Me Softly (2002)

Director: Kaige Chen
Starring: Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone

Killing Me Softly (2002) is an erotic thriller by Chen Kaige. This film stars Heather Graham (Alice) and Joseph Fiennes (Adam Tallis). This film was out in cinemas on June 21, 2022. It falls under the genre of mystery and thriller films.

The movie tells the story of Alice, who faces the risks of leaving her healthy relationship with a stranger she just met. Alice becomes mesmerized by Adam, an enigmatic mountaineer.

They fall into a series of intense erotic passion and desire, where Alice risks everything she has to be with Adam. But as soon as Adam’s past unravels, Alice gets stuck in a strange labyrinth she tries to escape.

14. The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

English 1h 44m IMDb

The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Director: Peter Strickland
Starring: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Monica Swinn, Chiara D’Anna

The Duke of Burgundy is a British erotic drama movie by Peter Strickland. This movie stars Sidse Babett Knudsen (Cynthia) and Chiara D’Anna (Evelyn). This movie runs for 1 hour and 44 minutes and started showing on September 6, 2014.

This erotic drama film is a stimulating, sensual movie that features lesbian love. This film is one of the movies like 365 Days because of the overflowing passion and visuals in the movie. The Duke of Burgundy tells the story of a woman and her relationship with her lesbian girlfriend.

The setting of this film is Hungary, showing the tale of two woman lovers and butterfly collectors, Cynthia and Evelyn.


Final Thoughts

If you love the movie 365 Days, you’re probably on the hunt for similar movies. We hope our list of the best 14 movies like 365 Days helped you pick the next film you’ll watch. Whether you’re watching alone or setting the mood with your lover, you’re sure to have a sexy and fierce movie in mind – just like 365 Days!

Best Movies Like 365 Days

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