20 Best Nude Movies (With Lots of Nudity)

Nude Movies (With Lots of Nudity)

Nudity has played a role in many films over the years. Filmmakers have constantly sprinkled movies with it now and then for some added flare or allure. Sometimes, they do not only sprinkle it. They spread it all over! Now, these movies are what we will be talking about today.

If you want your films with some more sizzle than usual, do not worry. We got you. Today, we will show you our 20 best nude movies. We hope you have a drink ready because it is about to get hot here!

Without further delay, let us get this show on the road!

1. Magic Mike (2012)

English 1h 50m IMDb
Magic Mike (2012)

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn

Magic Mike is a movie that centers around male strippers and the world of stripping. You can expect that it will not lack in the nudity department, but that is not all there is to it. It is also a film filled with jest while also dealing with serious themes like economic struggles.

Many would agree that nude films are not the best choice to watch with friends. However, while Magic Mike is full of nudity, it also has plenty of laughs and gags, making it a fun movie you can watch with the gang.

2. Blue Valentine (2010)

English 1h 52m IMDb
can rabbits eat cauliflower

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, John Doman

For those looking for intensity in different forms, Blue Valentine will give it to you in the form of sex scenes and a rocky marriage.

The film is about a couple navigating on the stormy seas of married life. The movie shifts back and forth between the past, where the couple is still very in love, and the present, wherein they are on the brink of divorce.

Let Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams take you on this tear-jerking hot movie if you are up for a good cry.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

English 3h IMDb

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Director: Martin Scorsese

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie

Known for many controversies and profanities, it should not be surprising that, yes, The Wolf of Wall Street also has tons of sexual scenes.

The story follows Jordan Belfort and the founding of Stratton Oakmont. It is based on a real story and tells of Belfort’s rise to success and his exploration of all kinds of thrills.

However, what comes up often does come down, and the film also depicts his eventual fall from glory. It is a box office hit that will likely hit the right spots – in more ways than one if you get what we mean.

4. Deadly Illusions (2021)

English 1h 54m IMDb
Deadly Illusions (2021)

Director: Anna Elizabeth James

Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Kristin Davis, Shanola Hampton

Deadly Illusions is the latest film on this list, and it is an ideal movie for fans of thrillers. It follows an author who writes thrillers, her newly hired lovely nanny, and all the eerie events that started to happen after her arrival.

Who or what do you trust when your mind starts showing you freaky things, and your lovely nanny does not seem to be who she says she is?

With the mix of nudity and mysteries, this movie will have your heart racing and pumping in more ways than one.

5. Sleeping Beauty (2011)

English 1h 41m IMDb
Sleeping Beauty (2011) 

Director: Julia Leigh

Stars: Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie

No, we are not talking about the fairytale, as this one is far from being an innocent tale. This film is definitely not for young audiences!

The film centers on a girl named Lucy as she takes on an unusual job where she has to go naked and lose consciousness, literally turning her into a sleeping beauty.

This film is filled with nudity wrapped in allure and draped with some elegance and mystery. If you like your nude movies with a touch of sophistication, this film is one you might want to check out.

6. Caligula (1979)

English 2h 36m IMDb
Caligula (1979)

Director: Tinto Brass(principal photography)

Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren

Eroticism and history? The life of the Roman Emperor Caligula might be one of the best tales for that. This film centers on the life of the emperor, including his rise, fall, and all the messy in-between. Yes, history could be sexy.

You might think the showing of skin in this one will be a little restrained with it talking of a royal from the past and being a film that came out decades ago. However, you will likely be surprised how much nudity is in this film. Three words: Off. The. Charts.

7. Killing Me Softly (2002)

English 1h 40m IMDb
Killing Me Softly (2002)

Director: Kaige Chen

Stars: Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone

Killing Me Softly is an erotic thriller to get your heart racing and your mind confused.

This film takes inspiration from a book that bears the same name. It centers on a girl, her chance encounter with a stranger, and all the kinds of highs and lows this peculiar person will bring in her life. Unlike the novel, the film focused more on the sexual side of the story, so prepare yourself for this one if you decide to give it a shot!

8. Elles (2011)

French (Canada) 1h 39m IMDb
Elles (2011)

Director: Malgorzata Szumowska

Stars: Juliette Binoche, Anaïs Demoustier, Joanna Kulig

It could be said that our next film is a little like Never Been Kissed. However, a lot more sensual and sexual.

The film centers on a journalist trying to understand the world of student prostitution for an article. It examines the lives of two girls who found themselves in this world and their very different views, struggles, and take on the job. The film is not only good for its nudity, but also for the lesson and insight it has to offer.

9. Tokyo Decadence (1992)

English 2h 15m IMDb
Tokyo Decadence (1992) 

Director: Ryû Murakami

Stars: Miho Nikaido, Yayoi Kusama, Sayoko Amano

Tokyo Decadence is a pink film (i.e., a Japanese film with nudity), and it is one that does not leave much to the imagination. That is no exaggeration. It even got banned in a few places for this reason.

The film follows the happenings in the life of a college student working as a prostitute, and it makes mentions of sexual themes such as fetishes and BDSM. While the film shows an abundance of sexual and sensual scenes, it also deals with topics such as feelings and emotions. Again, making it an insightful film.


10. Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

English 2h 5m IMDb
Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Stars: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle

The infamous Mr. Grey will see you now.

We cannot forget about this film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Will this really be a best nude films list without this film? This film is one of the most talked-about erotic films of the last decade, after all.

The film focuses on Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and the unusual relationship they form. It is a movie that deals with love. However, it also deals with lust, BDSM, and bondage relationships. As you can imagine, this film is filled with those kinds of scenes.

11. The Concubine (2012)

Korean 2h 2m IMDb
The Concubine (2012)

Director: Dae-seung Kim

Stars: Cho Yeo-jeong, Dong-wook Kim, Min-Joon Kim

The Concubine is a spicy South Korean film that might best suit the taste of K-drama fans. The film centers on a love triangle that turns on each other for their own personal interests. As they say, all is fair in love and war.

Each side uses all sorts of ploys, like poison and physicality (in more than one sense), to succeed and get what each one wants. With the abundance of sex scenes and chaotic twists and turns, The Concubine can get your heart racing in more ways than one!

12. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

English 1h 57m IMDb
9 12 Weeks (1986) 

Director: Adrian Lyne

Stars: Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton

9 1/2 Weeks follows a couple and their extremely sexual relationship. It talks of the sexual exploits of the two and deals with topics like BDSM, assuring you of the levels of nudity in this film. However, it also shows the dangers of entering this kind of relationship, making it insightful.

The movie played with similar elements and trod the same path as 50 Shades. You can say it is a precursor or forerunner of it.

13. Shame (2011)

English 1h 41m IMDb
Shame 2011




Director: Steve McQueen

Stars: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale

Shame is a film that centers on a sex addict, as he gets caught up in a mess wherein he needs to face his addiction head-on. As you might expect, this film is full of sexual scenes. However, it also deals with the consequences of giving in to this addiction.

This one is a film you will likely want to watch if you are in it for sensual scenes, a stunning story, and a superb cast.

14. Lust, Caution (2007)

Chinese 2h 37m IMDb
Lust, Caution (2007) 

Director: Ang Lee

Stars: Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Tang Wei, Joan Chen

Eroticism and espionage? That sounds like a good match, do you not agree?

This film centers on the plot of luring a high-ranking Japanese official into a honey trap. A mission that starts out well. However, you know what they say: you should not let your heart rule your mind. Will patriotism or passion rule at the end of the day?

Lust, Caution is for those who also want some action in their nude films.

15. Basic Instinct (1992)

English 2h 7m IMDb

Basic Instinct (1992) 

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Stars: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza

Basic Instinct follows a detective. It describes the happenings as he takes on a case dealing with the death of a rock star. He soon finds himself captivated by a writer and engages in sensual practices with her despite being the suspect in the case. Are the allegations all a mistake, or will he find himself the next victim?

This film is one to check out if you are for thrillers and sensual scenes, as Sharon Stone can tempt or terrify you.

16. Do the Right Thing (1989)

English 2h IMDb
Do the Right Thing (1989)

Director: Spike Lee

Stars: Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee

Who knew ice could be so hot?

If you want to brew trouble, doing it on a hot day might not be the best way to go unless you want a violent explosion. Now, that is what this film will show you. Do the Right Thing centers on the tension between the owners of a pizzeria and the customers it serves due to prejudices.

Do you want a story and a sizzling scene? This film is one to consider.

17. Cashback (2006)

English 1h 42m IMDb
Cashback (2006)

Director:  Sean Ellis

Stars: Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox, Michelle Ryan

This film follows Ben as he deals with a breakup. After developing insomnia because of the said breakup, he decides to work for a local supermarket. Here, he finds out he can stop time. Now, what does our lead do? Undress female customers and draw them. As you can see, while Cashback is a comedy, it undoubtedly has the nudity.

Cashback is a film to check out if you want to watch something fun and light, something with an all’s well that ends well ending.

18. The Canterbury Tales (1972)

Italian 1h 51m IMDb
The Canterbury Tales (1972)

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Stars: Hugh Griffith, Laura Betti, Ninetto Davoli

As you might have already guessed, the movie is an adaptation of the book bearing the same name. However, this one only deals with eight of the tales in the classic.

This one might be our oldest film, but do not count it out. It is known to have an abundance of nudity. While nudity was not always an element welcomed in the industry, the film did not seem to have any reservations in using this element to get the thought across to the audience.

19. Boogie Nights (1997)

English 2h 35m IMDb
Boogie Nights (1997)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds

Of course, we did not forget about Boogie Nights! This one is an oldie but a goodie. It is one of the most popular films on the list. While you might not have seen it yet, you probably have heard of it once or twice in passing.

The film focuses on the life of Eddie Adams as he becomes a porn star, his being after going big in the industry, his downfall, and the events after. The film is a comedy, so if you want your nude movie with some jests, this one is one to check out.

20. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

English 2h 39m IMDb
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Stars:  Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Todd Field

If you want something mind-blowing in more ways than one, Eyes Wide Shut is one to check out.

It follows a man as he deals with the admission of his wife of contemplating an affair. The film takes all kinds of lefts and turns that might confuse and excite you at the same time. One thing we are sure about is that it does not lack in sexual and sensual scenes.


Final Words

Today, we showed you our list of the 20 best nude movies. In the mood for a comedy? Maybe a thriller? A drama? As you have seen, there is a nude film for almost any want or desire.

We hope we got to help add some sizzle to your watchlist! If you need more suggestions, whether something to make your watchlist hotter or something to cool you off, feel free to visit our other talks. We might have the movie you have been looking for!

Nude Movie (With Lots of Nudity)

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