12 Best Robin Williams Movies (Ranked)

Robin Williams Movies (Ranked)

The world of acting has offered viewers several talented and good actors, giving life to films and telling stories through performance. American actor and comedian Robin McLaurin Williams was renowned for his improvisational talents.

You might have already seen some of the movies he’s been in, as many of them have become popular. Williams is a lover of humor, and he loved to joke around even when he was younger.

He picked up the ability to utilize humor at an early age to entertain his classmates and the people around him. Williams admired the comedic work of Jonathan Winters and enjoyed watching his shows.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Williams attended Claremont Men’s College for his undergraduate degree in political science. This was also where it all began as he started attending classes in improvisation in the same school. After that, he pursued a degree in acting at the College of Marin.

However, better opportunities appeared, and he was ultimately awarded a scholarship to attend the Juilliard School in New York CityWilliams later relocated back to California.

From there, he started small steps into the acting world when he began performing stand-up comedy at various venues throughout the state beginning in the early 1970s.

Years later, he started attending as a guest on television shows. Later, Williams had his show entitled Mork and Mindy, which lasted from 1978-1982. Mork & Mindy was an enormous hit, and its success played a significant role at the beginning of Williams’s career in film.

It was a great headstart for his career, which later expanded into movie appearances and major roles. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) was the film that gave him his first prominent role. Williams also receive d his first nomination for an Academy Award for his performance in this role.

From there, he had projects after projects, and as his career advanced, he continued to play both comic and serious roles. In addition, he has voice acting roles and contributed his voice for animated films such as Happy Feet (2006) and Happy Feet Two (2011).

Williams was a versatile actor, having played different roles in the film industry, and the movies he was in are still loved by many to this day.

Robin Williams is a memorable actor, and people who watch some of his movies will surely get to know him and his passion for acting. He is an actor that delivers what is needed in his given role and someone who does well at his job. Here are the 12 best Robin Williams movies that you can watch.

1. Goodwill Hunting (1997)

English 2h 6m IMDb
Goodwill Hunting (1997)

Director: Gus Van Sant

Stars: Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

This film follows the story of a genius guy named Will Hunting. Even though he had an IQ comparable to that of a genius, he decided to work as a janitor at MIT.

After completing one challenging arithmetic problem assigned to graduate students, Professor Gerald Lambeau knew Will’s abilities and decided to assist him in realizing his full potential.

However, Will is arrested for striking a law enforcer, and in response, Professor Lambeau strikes a deal for leniency with the prosecutor. This film is one of the most influential films in cinema history. There are lessons learned, the plot is good, and so are the actors.

2. Dead Poets Society (1989)

English 2h 8m IMDb
Dead Poets Society (1989)

Director: Peter Weir

Stars: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke

Dead Poets Society might be one of Williams’ most famous roles. It’s about an English teacher named John Keating maneuvering his teaching life as he is welcomed to an all-boys preparatory school.

The catch here is that the school is known for its long-standing customs and high standards, while he uses quite an unconventional teaching technique.

As students are faced with pressure from family and school, Keating helps his students get out of their cocoons, chase their dreams and seize the day. This film is a heartwarming, uplifting, and engaging story.

3. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

English 2h 1m IMDb
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987) 

Director: Barry Levinson

Stars: Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Tom. T. Tran

Good Morning, Vietnam is set during the Vietnam war, where a well-known radio comic, Adrian Cronauer, is dispatched to Vietnam to inject some goofiness into the lives of the troops there. Sergeant Major Dickerson is shocked by Cronauer’s cynical outlook on the battle, so he tries to control Cronauer’s broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Trinh, a Vietnamese girl, teaches Cronauer the true horrors of war. Every scenario takes a unique possible outcome. This movie also has several humorous and ironic moments. Easily one of the most motivational films of the 21st century.

4. Awakenings (1990)

English 2h 1m IMDb
Awakenings (1990)

Director: Penny Marshall

Stars: Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner

Awakenings is one of the movies that have a profound impact on the viewer. This is a story of a physician that made an amazing effort to help a group of catatonic patients who were being neglected in a hospital in the Bronx in the 1960s.

The film explores and reminds viewers of the importance of life. It’s a movie that takes you on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end.

5. The Birdcage (1996)

English 1h 57m IMDb
The Birdcage (1996)

Director: Mike Nichols

Stars: Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman

This movie is simply one of the most relevant movies of these times. In this version of the timeless French farce “La Cage aux Folles,” Barbara Keeley and Val Goldman play an engaged pair awkwardly introducing their future in-laws.

To win over Barbara’s father, controversial Republican Sen. Kevin Keeley, Armand, a gay Miami drag club owner, pretends to be straight and makes an effort to conceal his relationship with the club’s star attraction. It’s a film you can enjoy whenever you need a happy moment or on a dreary day.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

English 2h 5m IMDb
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) 

Director: Chris Columbus

Stars: Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan

This film is about family and the struggles after divorce. Daniel Hillard, a divorced father, comes up with an elaborate scheme because he is concerned about his limited time with his children. Dressing up as a middle-aged British woman, he persuades Miranda to hire him as a nanny.

This movie is a wonderful gem that combines comedy and drama in brilliant ways. Additionally, it reveals a great deal about how to be a parent.

7. Insomnia (2002)

English 1h 58m IMDb
Insomnia (2002)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank

This movie from Christopher Nolan tells the story of a seasoned police detective assigned to look into the death of a young woman in a rural community in Alaska. While investigating, he finds himself in a cat and mouse game with the suspect, with his health seriously jeopardized by the situation.

This film is a masterpiece with a great script, screenwriting, original score, editing, directing, cinematography, and performances in this movie. This movie is indeed a must-see for those who like thrillers and mystery.

8. The Fisher King (1991)

English 2h 17m IMDb
The Fisher King (1991) 

Director: Terry Gilliam

Stars: Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Adam Bryant

Jack Lucas, a shock jock, becomes depressed and abstains from alcohol after unintentionally inciting a caller to murder a number of citizens in a Manhattan pub. With depression growing in him, he turns to alcohol. In his lowest, he meets a homeless man named Parry.

Parry’s wife was murdered by the caller, who Lucas pushed to a breaking point. Parry, damaged by his loss, spends his days looking for the Holy Grail as Lucas promises to help, primarily driven by his guilt. This film defies easy classification yet is enjoyable all the same.

9. One Hour Photo (2002)

English 1h 36m IMDb
One Hour Photo (2002)

Director: Mark Romanek

Stars: Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan

This film tells the story of Sy Parish, who runs a photo development lab in a smaller shopping center. He strives for perfection in his profession and is kind to his regulars, which includes Will Yorkin’s family. Through their photos, he witnessed their family grow over the years.

However, when he discovers evidence of Yorkin’s infidelity and finds his job in danger, his already fragile mental state tips over. This movie has excellent writing, directing, and editing.

10. The World According to Garp (1982)

English 2h 16m IMDb
The World According to Garp (1982)

Director: George Roy Hill

Stars: Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt, Glenn Close

This film tells the story of T.S Garp, who was born and raised by his mother, Jenny. As he grew up, he was moderately successful in writing fiction. However, he has not had the same level of success as his mother, who writes about feminism.

Over time, he continues to be a steady observer of the unique community that grows around Jenny. This film is thought-provoking and overall has a good narrative.

11. Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

English 1h 55m IMDb
Moscow on the Hudson (1984)

Director: Paul Mazursky

Stars: Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks

Moscow on the Hudson is about the story of adjustment and fitting in. It tells the story of a Russian musician who flees to New York and starts a new beginning. As he settles in, he finds out that the transition to his new life in the United States is more challenging for him than he could have ever anticipated.

The characters are played well, especially Robin Williams’ role. It’s a heartfelt film that would take you on a rollercoaster while surfing through life.

12. World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

English 1h 39m IMDb
World's Greatest Dad (2009)

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Stars: Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Morgan Murphy

This film is about a high school English teacher and an unappreciated writer named Lance Clayton. Conflict starts when his son accidentally kills himself. To avoid further issues and scandals, Clayton fabricates a message purporting to be the deceased’s suicide note.

Things take a spin as the letter becomes popular. This movie doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of being a high school student. The film also manages to make the story quirky on its own.



Whether you may be looking for a funny, inspirational, drama, romance, poetic, fantasy, or scientific film, there’s a Robin Williams movie for you. His roles have been highly acclaimed and are all interesting. So, if you want to binge-watch some of his best films, here are the 12 best Robin Williams Movies.

Robin Williams Movies (Ranked)

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